Super easy DIY crafts for kids this Diwali

Diwali is around the corner, and there is excitement in the air. Out of all the festivals celebrated in India, Children love Diwali the most as the whole family meets together to celebrate. There are Diyas to light, Crackers to burst, wonderful sweets to indulge, new clothes to wear, decorate homes, Draw Rangoli etc

This Diwali, make sure you involve your kids in the various tasks at home. Indulge in these simple art and DIY Diwali crafts ideas that children love to help. It not only engages the children but also makes your house look pretty.

Paper Origami Diyas 

Make these Super cute DIY Diwali Diyas in advance. These Origami Diyas are excellent to gift. One can also use twine and hang these Diyas in the entrance or to decorate the walls of the Pooja room. These Paper crafts are kids friendly and are simple & quick to make. 

DIY Diwali Paper Origami Diyas

Things needed 

Origami paper in all shades



scotch tape


sequins/ stickers to decorate 

How to make the Origami Diyas

  1. Take any colour paper and cut it into a rectangle shape.
  2. Fold the paper in a fan style /accordion-style along the longer edge.
  3. Stick the tape in the middle and carefully bring the corner edges together. Stick them using glue.
  4. Cut a piece of yellow flame ( use yellow colour paper) and stick it to the Diya.
  5. Repeat to get more Paper Diyas.

Diwali Wreaths

This Diwali, make these adorable Wreaths and hang them outside your doors or gift them to your loved ones. 

Diwali Wreath

Things you need

Chart paper or Cardboard (cut into a circle shape – like a wreath) 

origami Paper Diyas ( above) 



How to Make the Wreath 

  1. Colour the chart paper/cardboard 
  2. Make the origami paper Diyas 
  3. Stick them on the circle cardboard piece. 
  4. Attach a piece of twine to the cardboard, and hang it on the door to make the Diwali Wreath. 

Diwali Cards

It is the season of gifting, and cute handmade cards can never go out of fashion. This Diwali, ask your children to draw and paint cards for all the members of your family. 

Diya Diwali Card

You can make these super cute Diya cards instantly: 

Things you need 

Colour paper / cardboard 


markers or sequins 


markers or sketch to write your message 

Making the Diya cards

  1. Take any colour paper of your choice. Mark a big circle and cut out the shape. 
  2. Fold into half (semi-circle shape)
  3. Draw a flame and cut out the shape
  4. Add it to one side of the semi-circle.
  5. Decorate the semi-circle to form Diyas
  6. Write your Diwali message inside. 

Hand-painted Diyas

Diya Painting by kids

Children love to play with paint and water. Why not give them the same thing they love? Get some earthen Diyas/lamps this Diwali and ask the children to paint and decorate. For younger children, the parent can outline your child’s footprint. The children can follow the pattern and paint the Diyas.

Easy Rangoli

Diy Diwali crafts Kid friendly Rangoli

Rangolis add colours and positive vibrations to any home. This Diwali, engage your children in making these cute and colourful Rangoli patterns that are kid-friendly. All the parent needs to do is to draw an outline and let the children use their imagination and fill in the colours.

Goddess Lakshmi Footprints

Diy Diwali Crafts - Goddess Lakshmi's Footprints

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on Diwali day, and prayers are offered to take her blessings. This Diwali, you can trace your child’s footprints on a chart and ask the children to decorate or paint them. Paste the decorated footprints on the Pooja room floor. Alternatively, trace the child’s footprint on the floor and ask your child to use the Colourful rangoli powder to fill in.

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Happy Diwali to you!