How to introduce the 5 elements to children

Are you wondering how to introduce the 5 elements of nature to your children? Well, look no further, this is a beautiful story that Parents can share with their children. This story can be split into parts and narrated in two days or can be narrated in one go.

Our bodies are made up of 5 elements or the Pancha Bhootas. The 5 elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Children can be introduced to these elements as early as 4 years through simple stories.

Children love to spend time outdoors looking at the trees and animals. They are born with that natural connection. Giving the children the knowledge that mother nature is present inside him/her will not only help the child appreciate nature but also aids in bringing awareness of what is present inside the body.

5 elements of nature

The story of the 5 little Gifted Gnomes

This is the story that happened a very long time ago.

Even Before humans inhabited the earth, there were tiny gnomes living on the earth.

Space was a tiny little magical gnome. He had deep purple eyes and a long silver beard. His silver beard flowed down like a river and touched his knees. He had a great gift of creating space everywhere he went but Space was a sad gnome. He lived by himself and felt empty inside so, he walked a long distance every day in search of a friend to talk and play with. One day, He came across a big solid hill made up of rocks, stones, and clay. At the base of this massive hill, he found a small hut made of rocks and clay. He knocked on the door.

A stout, solid gnome opened the door and greeted Space. This gnome had chocolate brown hair and his beard was as brown as mother earth. He wore a green T-shirt and brown shorts. On his feet were thick brown boots with green laces. He opened the door and said, “Hello there, who are you and what is your name?”.  Space replied, “I am Space and I’m looking for a friend”. The stout gnome replied, “Hello Space, I am Earth.” Earth had a supportive and friendly quality and Space immediately liked him.

Both the gnomes became good friends instantly. Alas! There was no empty room inside the house for Space to enter and hence earth could not invite Space inside his house. Instantly Space conjured up an empty room for himself by using his special powers. Both the gnomes ate a nice hot meal, played for a while, and slept. Space discovered that Earth had special powers as well. Earth was very good at gardening and he had the most beautiful garden he had ever seen. He was also very friendly and hence he could speak with any bird or animal that they met. Earth and Space went on a long evening walks when they were not searching for food and they liked each other’s company. Earth was friendly and a supportive gnome who realized that Space was still feeling lonely inside and he decided to introduce his friend Water to him.

Water was a small and happy gnome who had the most beautiful blue eyes and black hair. He was the king of the streams, rivers, and oceans and he had a special gift of making a river flow or to stop in its tracks. As soon as Earth introduced Water to Space, they became best friends. Now Water wanted to live along with Earth and Space too. As a sweet gesture of friendship, Space made more room inside the earth’s home to accommodate Water. Now there were 3 little gnomes living inside Earth’s home. They told each other stories of where they came from and now lived happily for a few months. Every day Water took his friends swimming and they had a lovely time together.

One day, all the 3 gnomes wanted to go on a trek. They decided to climb the rocky mountain behind their home and when they reached the top of the hill they met another gnome called AIR. Air wore a white T-shirt and he too had a long silver beard. Air had the ability to be present everywhere and that was his special gift. He could be present even in tiny spaces and he could move in and out of things easily. At the end of the day, Air decided that he too would climb down and move in with the other gnomes – Space, Earth, and Water. Now there were 4 little gnomes playing and sharing stories of their birth and adventures. They had an exciting time and loved playing cards with each other.

One day as the gnomes were relaxing in front of their home, all of a sudden there came a loud bang from somewhere underground. Earth’s house split into 2 and then out of the room came a hot yellow color liquid. A reddish-pink Gnome appeared from the underground passage from where the liquid had oozed out. This gnome had yellow eyes and wore an orange T-shirt and blue pants. He said that his name was fire and shook hands with the other gnomes who introduced themselves. The other 4 gnomes felt warm in the presence of FIRE.

The 5 gnomes became best friends and subsequently decided to live together.  At First, They wanted a house to live in and searched for nice caves. They could not find any caves to their liking. Then Air suggested they look on the hilltops for nice places to live. The gnomes did not like climbing the hill every day. Then Water suggested they look for homes near the river bed. They could not find safe areas near the river bed to live as well. After a lot of searching and pondering the gnomes finally decided that they will build a house to their liking.

The 5 little gnomes selected a spot to build their house. Earth contributed strong, solid elements like the rocks, stones, and clay towards building their house while water offered to hold the elements together. Then Fire offered to provide warmth inside the home with his ability of heat. Air offered his gift of moving the warmth and water throughout the house. Lastly, Space said, “I will offer my gift of emptiness ” and thus he created enough space for all the 5 gnomes to coexist happily inside the house.

Thus, the house was completed with each gnome contributing his gift and What a surprise they got when they entered their new home. Their house could now move, talk, run, and jump. They called their special house “MAN”.

And thus a man was born.

Do you know that these 5 little gnomes are present inside our body even today?

5 elements of nature:

Earth: The muscles and bones represent the Earth Element. They are solid and strong giving a structure for the body.

Water: blood is the water element that runs throughout our whole body.

Fire: There is no actual flame burning inside our body but our body has a warm temperature which helps to digest food (burn the calories).

Air: Air moves in and out of our lungs and also throughout the entire body into every cell.

Space: Finally you need space for all the elements to exist.

To know more information on the Pancha Bhootas, please visit to read my article on how ancient sages have built powerful temples for each of the elements mentioned above. The article also briefly describes how Ayurveda and Yoga are connected to the 5 elements as well.

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