everything happens for something good

everything happens for something good

Every human being encounters many situations in life. These situations lead to experiences which in turn helps in shaping the human being. It is up to the person to view the situation as a positive or a negative situation in life.

Sometimes, it is impossible to see the positive side in an experience particularly, when it is a horrific experience. It takes some time and many weeks or months to see the blessing during the tough times. Most of the time, the pain changes the person, and each person deals with it differently and takes time to heal. It is an exasperating uphill task for most adults to stay positive at all times. One can imagine how challenging it could be for the children.

everything happens for something good

Have you ever wondered how to talk to the children about developing positive thoughts without boring them?

Here is an old Indian tale about a king and his trusted counselor, which drives home the message that, Everything that happens to us is for something good.

Once upon a time, there lived a kind king who ruled his kingdom well. All his subjects loved him dearly. He had an advisor whom he trusted. The Counselor/ adviser was a wise and intelligent man. The kind king approached him whenever the kingdom was in peril or when he wanted to solve a challenging situation. No matter what happened, the wise Adviser was optimistic and would always comment, “Everything happens for something good. “

Sometimes, the king would not understand the advisers’ thought process, however, he would always follow the instructions and advice.

The King loved to hunt so, he went to the royal hunting grounds accompanied by his adviser. Unfortunately, the King met with an accident where his thumb was chopped right off his palm. The King was in pain, and they rushed him to the palace. The Royal Doctor could not attach the thumb finger back. But he took good care of the king until his finger began to heal.

King, hunting, royal grounds

One day, the advisor paid a visit to the king. The King lamented his fate and enquired why even after treated all his subjects well, he met with such a tragic accident. The advisor being an optimistic person remarked,” Oh Nobel King, perhaps this tragedy is for something good.”

The King became furious on hearing the advisors’ words and said, “You have been treated very well in my kingdom, and yet you are very insensitive towards me.” The annoyed King called for his soldiers and imprisoned the wise Advisor.

After a few weeks, the King appointed a new advisor. The new Adviser was a very cunning man and therefore he knew about the likes and dislikes of the king and his temperament and advised accordingly. The subjects began to be worried about the decisions taken by their good King, and they missed the words and council of the old Advisor.

After a few months, the king went hunting again. The king, unfortunately, got lost in the jungle while hunting and kept wandering in circles. The cannibals in the jungle captured the King. The chief of the Cannibal ordered his subjects to prepare for a royal sacrificial fire for cooking the king. It so happened that the head priest of the Cannibal examined the body of the king in order to see if the body parts were in order. Since the poor king had lost a finger, they let him go free and subsequently released him. The King returned to his castle gleefully.

He now realized, that if it had not been for his lost THUMB, he would have lost his life. He rushed to the prison where he had imprisoned his wise old adviser and narrated the whole incident. The adviser smiled at the King. The astonished King asked the adviser, “how can you be so happy when you are in prison?”

The old Advisor said, ” Ho Noble King! I am a happy man because my life is safe. Imagine what would have happened if I had accompanied you today for the hunt. The cannibals would have offered me today in the sacrificial fire.”

The King finally realized the truth in what his trusted adviser believed. Above all, He appreciated him by reinstating him back again. Finally, the king also believed in the adviser’s words that Everything happens for something good.

Children aged above 7 years enjoy listening to this story. It helps them to see the positive in any situation. Adults can enjoy reading this short story as well. As the advisor always said, “Everything happens for something good,” you stumbling across this story is a positive experience as well.

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