God's eye


A God’s Eye is also called Ojo de Dios (in Spanish). It has spiritual significance in certain communities in Northern America. Weaving a God’s Eye can be a fun and a simple project for children and adults alike.

A God’s Eye is mostly found in the parts of Mexican communities, especially among the indigenous people of the Huichol community. The four points of the God’s Eye represent the 4 elements of Nature (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). It is believed that the centre of the God’s Eye is a portal between the spirit world and the mortal world and the God’s Eye is said to protect a person by warding off evil spirits.

A simple God’s eye can be weaved at home by children with simple things at home. This is a quick project with minimum support from the parent’s side. God’s Eye can be an excellent artistic project and can be used as return gifts or decorative pieces in the child’s bedrooms.

Things needed for this project:

2 chop sticks / popsicle sticks / bamboo sticks

Colorful Yarn


things needed for God's eye

How to weave a God’s Eye

Begin your project by placing the 2 sticks one on top of each other in a cross position. Then Wrap the yarn around the sticks tightly so that the sticks do not move from the cross position.


After securing the cross, it’s time to weave the pattern. Wrap the yarn around the stick and proceed to the next stick. Wrap the yarn around the next stick too and move on to the next stick near it. wrap the yarn around that stick as well. Proceed like this pattern as shown.

To change the Yarn colour, Tuck the yarn on the stick under the last strand (to stop from unravelling). Add a new colour and proceed wrapping the yarn around the stick and moving to the next stick. You can add as many colours of yarn till the God’s eye reaches the end of the stick.

Turn to the backside to tie the loose threads. For the last thread, you need to tie it to the previous last thread to prevent it from unravelling.

back side

continue wrapping the yarn around the sticks till you get your desired colours and shape before Snipping the threads. Finally make sure you knot the loose ends.

And Voila! You have your very own God’s eye!

You can wrap a thread / Yarn around one corner of the stick and hang this colourful project on the wall.

Get more creative – You can also add a tassel at the ends of the God’s Eye to make it look fancy.

Hope you enjoy this super simple craft with your children. Do post pictures of the God’s Eye that you weaved this summer and don’t forget to tag me in Instagram and Facebook.