Quick and Easy DIY Corner Bookmarks for Book Lovers

Books and stories are the two things that are essential in any household with children. these Quick and Easy Diy Corner bookmarks are the perfect gifts for the Book lovers in your home. 

My daughter loved to listen to bedtime fairytales and it was a daily affair at home. As she grew older, her love for stories grew. When she started reading, she would simply be lost in her book for hours together.

I started making these easy and cute little bookmarks along with her as a fun project. The Bookmarks always changed according to her favourite character. 

Corner Bookmark designs

These DIY corner bookmarks are super easy to make that can be made really quickly. The cool part is , you can design the bookmark according to the taste and preference of your child. You can also make them in bulk and is ideal for gifting.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your colour paper and glue…

Things needed

Square shape Paper (any colour)



Marker pen


1. Place the colour square paper on the working area. 

DIY corner bookmark

2.Fold the square paper diagonally, so that you get a triangle shape. Rotate the triangle so that the long edge is present at the bottom near you while the right angle faces up.

3. Fold the lower right corner upwards to meet the top of the right angled corner.

4. Now fold the lower left corner upwards to meet the top of the right angled corner. Now both the folds should meet in the middle.

5. Now open these two folds ( you get the original triangle shape)

6. Flip down one of the top sheets (so that the sharp right angle touches the base of the triangle) and crease.

DIY corner Bookmark

7. Now fold the flaps that you have created back up and tuck it into your bookmark

DIY Corner Bookmark

8. Repeat for the other side also. 

DIY Corner bookmark step 8

9. You have your basic corner bookmark now.

Now all you have to do is  – to DECORATE it according to your child’s liking.

Let me know about your creative bookmark projects in the comments section below. waiting to read about them. 

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    1. Thank you. It is always a go to project when friends come over to play. They have so much fun together decorating and taking home their favourite Disney characters.

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